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We define each mattress as a great work of art, which has accumulated years of exquisite craftsmanship and integrated into the production of comfortable mattresses so that you can fully appreciate the unparalleled California-style sleep experience. Intelligent support and reasonable support.

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Global selection of raw materials

Independent bag spring:

High-carbon steel wrapped, high-temperature compression into the bag, high sensitivity, high resilience, so that your spine in sleep can maintain natural straight, bring solid support to the body.

Min Mini Independent Bag Spring

High-carbon steel wrapped, high-temperature compression into the bag, high sensitivity, high resilience, so that your spine in sleep can maintain natural straight, bring solid support to the body

Bagged bread spring

Upgrading of partition spring and system splitting of spring based on different pressure distribution. It is mainly used in high-end product customization and private customization systems.

Double-layer bag spring

The double-layer bag spring, which combines high carbon manganese steel independent bag spring with min Mini independent bag spring, has been reasonably upgraded in support, comfort and sensitivity, thus providing good support for body intelligence and reasonableness.

LIEN'A Lotus Subporous Latex: Vietnamese natural latex collagen collection and production, with porous fluffy, stronger elasticity and permeability. The latex surface has a vertical and horizontal pressure relief design, giving the body a more ideal package and support. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. 100% pure green material: 100% natural directly from rubber wood sap, natural and healthy environmental lifestyle. Unlike petroleum mixed latex, natural latex does not produce stimulating odor and can effectively promote the blood circulation of sleepers.

2. Reasonable support: Latex mattress is an ideal choice for patients with back pain or joint pain. Many health experts recommend using latex mattresses to relieve pain. This is due to the comfort and cushioning of latex and the ability to promote spinal repair.

3. Good ventilation: Good air ventilation, open structure, so that your mattress is very breathable, sleep comfortable.

4. Natural hypoallergy: Natural latex has the function of resisting fungi, bacteria and mites. The vast majority of allergies in bedrooms are actually caused by the body's response to proteins produced by dust mites or fungi, so those with allergies can be alleviated by latex mattresses.


The [7ZONE] Zone 7 series provides different stress relief zones for five parts of the body and provides reasonable support for your body's stress. A luxurious and comfortable sleep experience designed specifically for your body.


The [5ZONE] Zone 5 series provides different pressure relief zones for five parts of the body, which are reasonably supported by human pressure. A reasonable and comfortable sleep experience designed specifically for your body.


[L'ADOME: Breakthrough Innovation, Achieving Perfect Sleep] L'ADOME adopts a dome structure and ultra-high hardness, combined with excellent durability and good ventilation, creating an impeccable comfortable balance.


The honeycomb series adopts a hexagonal structure and is a natural product of natural design. The all-around mattress has ideal breathability and provides reasonable support and comfort for the body.


[PINCORE: Stay Comfortable, Stay Luxury] The LienAPincore series combines a unique dream experience with traditional and luxurious designs that bring you ultimate comfort.


The Classic series has high hardness and combines square and circular pinholes, providing higher ventilation and lower heat absorption to ensure you feel cool while sleeping.


Lianan Official Website:https://www.liena.vn/

1. Fireproof fibre cotton

Fire-retardant cotton is mainly made of polyester fiber raw materials and natural flame-retardant fibers such as low melting point adhesive fibers. It has permanent self-extinguishing effect, strong fire resistance and good flexibility. It meets the fire protection standards of BS5852 and CN117 in California, USA, and has the ROHS environmental protection standards of European Union. It is an ideal material for furniture, clothing and toys.
Upgraded fireproof cotton is grey-black, conventional white, soft feel, excellent elasticity, good moisture absorption and breathability. Fire-proof fiber cotton has stable acid and alkali resistance, non-toxicity, and does not produce any chemical effects. When burning, a dense carbide layer can be formed and only a small amount of non-toxic smoke can be produced.


Its characteristics are as follows: the conventional fireproof cotton has strong support, good heat preservation and strong fireproof performance. Bamboo charcoal fiber cotton can purify air, formaldehyde, mite resistance and bacteriostasis.

Fireproof fibre cotton is one of the standard supporting materials for Seattle mattress.

2. High resilience sponge (high performance polyurethane sponge)

High resilience sponge is also called high performance polyurethane sponge or reinforced sponge. Usually used in car seats, sofa cushions, etc. Different supporting forces and rebounding forces will be produced in different deformation states under compression. It has super resilience and air permeability, stable weighing and compression capacity, and good flame retardancy and anti-oxidation ability. Its hardness is high, and it usually adds a high rebound sponge to the conventional material to increase the hardness, so that it has the dual effect of elasticity and hardness, and provides stronger support force.

The high resilience sponge has high resilience and supporting force. As the high quality base material of Seattle mattress, it even replaces the spring system in some Seattle mattresses.

1. LIEN'A Natural Latex

Natural latex is a kind of liquid flowing out from rubber trees of certain age when they cut rubber at specified time according to specified incision. It is manufactured by precise and complicated technology. Many irregular air permeability holes are formed inside the latex, which can ensure the smooth air flow. The latex has a light fragrance, prevent skin allergy and bacterial breeding, and instant rebound.
Natural latex mattresses are divided into three zones, five zones and seven zones. The meaning of zoning is to design the mattress according to the gravity generated by different parts of the body during sleep, and to better support and protect the body through the softness and hardness of different areas, so as to achieve the effect of high-quality sleep. Partitioning is not the more the better, it's determined by your sleep habits.
Characteristics of latex:


(1) Super elasticity: Super elasticity and fitness of natural latex? Can latex mattress adapt to people of different weight? The fitness of any posture and body of naturally adapted sleepers can reach 95%? The fitness of ordinary mattress and body can only reach 60-75%? Natural latex can also improve lumbar acid and insomnia caused by sleep.
(2) Orthopaedic function: Latex mattress is 3-5 times larger than ordinary mattress in contact with human body area, which can disperse the bearing capacity of human body weight on average, and can automatically adjust bad sleeping posture, relax and restore the spine, thus having orthotic function.
(3) Breathable and anti-bacterial: The molecular structure of latex is special. It has good comfort, permeability, mildew-proof, dust mite-proof, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and parasites. The open latex porous airbag structure has 250,000 internal air permeability holes per cubic inch, which enables air to circulate freely in the mattress. It can disperse the hot air, sweat and keep sleeping when skin contacts with the mattress. The body is comfortable and dry in sleep.
(4) Ultrasound: Pure natural latex can absorb the noise and vibration caused by turning over during sleep, so that the sleeping companion is not disturbed during sleep, and can effectively reduce turning over times, so that you sleep more safely and sweetly.
(5) Independent support: Each inch of latex is designed according to human body structure. Head accounts for 8% of body weight, chest 33% of body weight, buttocks 44% of body weight, which conforms to ergonomics principle and ensures that body weight is reasonably dispersed.
(6) Static energy: latex is processed from natural rubber juice, which effectively prevents the formation of magnetic field and achieves complete insulation and antistatic. 100% natural latex, with comfortable and natural mild characteristics, no chemical compounds, no adverse chemical reactions in contact with skin, high-tech natural environmental protection, so as to ensure health and comfort, but also the effect of your natural sleep.
(7) Natural environmental protection: The raw material of latex mattress is basically latex. Natural latex mattress does not contain toxic elements and is harmless to human body. Even if it is overheated or burned, it will not produce toxic substances. Natural latex mattress after more than 10 years of use, can decompose itself, return to nature, will not pollute the environment.
Seattle mattress uses Vietnamese imported brand lien'a Lianya latex, as well as Malaysian imported latex series mattresses.


2. Constant Temperature Memory

The thermostatic memory sponge is a polyurethane foam sponge added with toughening layer: rock wool insulation layer, rubber plastic cotton fire prevention layer, bamboo charcoal fiber layer, gel temperature control layer, high elastic fiber layer, coconut shell carbon fiber sterilization layer and sisal fiber layer and other composite materials of special sponge MEMORYFOAM. Or it is called space memory and space memory. Constant temperature memory cotton adds high quality coconut shell carbon fiber sterilization layer and rubber-plastic cotton fireproof layer, which has the functions of eliminating odor, preventing mites and fireproof. If the gel temperature control layer is added to the upper layer of the thermostatic memory, the heat insulation effect will be achieved.

Ordinary thermostatic memory cotton has no toughening layer, relatively low cost and single function. According to the different toughening layers, the names are also different. For example, gel constant temperature memory, bamboo charcoal fiber memory and so on.

Advanced thermostatic memory foam has the characteristics of latex, as well as fire-retardant fiber cotton combustion-supporting function. In Seattle mattress, advanced thermostatic memory is one of the standard materials.

3. Super Soft Comfortable Sponge (Pressure Release Sponge)

Also known as slow-rebound sponges and memory relief sponges, they come from high-tech materials invested by NASA's space program to help alleviate the intense pressures on astronauts during take-off, landing and flight.
Pressure-controlled release sponge has unique pressure relief effect, unique temperature-sensitive characteristics, softening when heated, hardening when cooled, and unparalleled endurance. It can also adapt to its own gravity according to the body shape, allowing the spine and joints to rest in its natural physiological state, and also has a certain anti-bacterial and anti-allergic effect.


Super soft comfortable cotton and upgraded super soft comfortable cotton (constant temperature memory cotton) have been applied to the comfortable filling layer of Seattle mattress to give the body a good sense of sleep with comfortable wrapping and softness.

4. Hydrophilic comfortable cotton

Hydrophilic sponge is a brand-new environmental protection material. It is an upgrade material of super soft and comfortable sponge. Being the second generation of memory cotton, it combines most of the advantages of memory cotton and latex products. MDI foaming is fearless of formaldehyde, TPI and halogen and other harmful substances. Its superior characteristics have been successfully applied in medical treatment, health care, bedding and furniture.
Its characteristics are as follows:


(1) Zero pressure: It can sense the temperature of the human body, create a shape that fully conforms to the human body, give the human body the most complete and comfortable embrace and support, achieve zero pressure state, relieve the pressure of blood vessels and nerves, thus reducing the number of turning over and falling pillow, and achieve the effect of high-quality sleep quality.
(2) Air permeability and heat dissipation: Open-cell molecular structure allows air to flow between foam molecules. The heat emitted by the human body and the air products emitted from the air are emitted into the air to achieve the effect of air permeability and heat dissipation and to prevent sultry heat.
(3) Constant temperature: The contact surface between pillow and human body always keeps 36 degrees which is the closest to human body temperature, avoiding sultry and sweating.
(4) Low temperature does not change hard: can sense the temperature of the human body and shape, but little affected by external temperature, low temperature environment, still maintain good comfort.
(5) Hygroscopicity and moisture-proof: it can absorb moisture and sweat in the air. At the same time, the open-cell molecular structure of the material has strong permeability, which can quickly emit the absorbed moisture and keep the product dry and comfortable.
(6) Softness and support: It feels very soft and friendly to the skin, but it also has support, which can reduce the pressure between the scalp and keep the blood circulation smooth.
(7) Durable, anti-mite and anti-bacterial: the density is as high as 100 durable, saving expenses and avoiding trouble of replacing. Open-cell molecular structure inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites.
Although the cost is high, in Seattle mattress, hydrophilic comfortable sponge is one of the standard materials.


5. Gel memory cotton


It is made from plant fiber extracted from natural plant essence. Relatively expensive, usually only used in high-end pillows. Its characteristics are as follows: three-dimensional porous structure, spring elasticity, more uniform support for the body, strong ventilation capacity, good anti-bacterial and anti-mite effect. Gel molecules can circulate the excess heat generated by the body and carry it to the surface of the mattress. So as to achieve the effect of cooling the human body and provide the right comfortable sleep. Gel memory quilt is widely used in bedding products of the West Asia mattress.

6. Wool and cashmere cushion

Wool and cashmere cushion is used as comfortable filling material for mattress after purely manual collection and combing. Cashmere fabrics and wool fabrics are synthesized by hand. Material origin is the same, the production process is different. Wool comes from sheep wool in Australia, New Zealand and goat hair in Kashmir. Cashmere feels fine, light, soft and smooth, and is elastic. It has better properties of heat preservation and moisture absorption than wool. Cashmere is more expensive than wool. Seattle mattress high-end mattress series will choose cashmere wool cushion.

7. 3D Fiber Cushion

The 3D fiber cushion is made of high quality polyester fibers with strong vertical support. In the interior of mattress, the more holes, the more air volume, the better the effect of air permeability and heat preservation. At the same time, the more channels of compression and rebound, the more fluffy comfort and air permeability. Three-dimensional fibers provide more than 1.2 million support points for each bed, with better ventilation and ventilation performance, and assist in pressure softening and transmission. In most double-sided mattresses, Seattle mattress uses one-sided 3D fiber mattress and another latex layer.

1. Knitting Fabric

Cotton, linen, silk and other natural fibers, velvet, artificial fur and other materials are prepared into high-gram heavy fabrics. Their functional characteristics are as follows: the fabric is stiff, wrinkle-resistant, firm and wear-resistant, with a strong handle, stiff and elastic. Fabric moisture absorption and breathability, soft and comfortable, good warming effect. Generally used in high-end clothing, underwear, pajamas and children's clothing, fabric. Thea's 60% mattresses, such as hotel mattresses and latex mattresses, are made of luxury knitted fabrics.

2. Silky Fabric


Silk fabrics are pure silk fabrics, commonly used in high-grade shirts, pajamas, dresses and headscarves. Silk fabrics have elegant pearl luster, soft, smooth and comfortable texture, soft and elegant feel; silk feel soft, close to the skin smooth and comfortable. Silk has been given the reputation of "Silk Queen", "Healthy Fiber", "Healthy Fiber" and "Second Skin". The health care function of silk fibers is incomparable and irreplaceable for any fibers.
Characteristics of silk: Silk is effective against ultraviolet radiation, harmful gases and bacteria invasion. Regulate body temperature and moisture, with special moisture absorption and ventilation effect. It can also enhance the vitality of skin cells, promote the metabolism of skin cells, and has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on some skin diseases. Seattle mattresses generally use silk fabrics to the comfort layer of high-end mattresses.

3. Silk Fabric


Silk is made of silk protein fibers solidified by the secretion of cooked silkworm, commonly known as natural silk. The difference between silk and silk lies in that silk belongs to synthetic fabrics and silk belongs to natural fibers. Silk is one of the relatively expensive fabrics, and its properties have changed.
(1) Fabric with smooth surface and relatively low friction stimulus coefficient to the body
(2) Absorption and dehumidification performance is good, can help the skin to maintain a certain amount of moisture, can also be the body's sweat and heat release. At the same time, it has a certain warming effect to maintain the body in a good comfortable state.
(3) Silk has the functions of sound absorption, noise reduction, dust absorption and flame retardant, as well as strong anti-ultraviolet function, long-term absorption of ultraviolet light, so most of the silk will yellowing under sunlight.
(4) Silk has the nickname of "second skin". Silk has strong anti-ultraviolet radiation, can prevent harmful gases and bacteria from invading, can enhance the vitality of skin cells, promote the metabolism of skin cells, and has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on some skin diseases.


4. Cashmere Fabric


Cashmere is a rare and special animal fiber. 90% of cashmere comes from Kashmir, so it is often called Cashmere in Kashmir. It can only be collected in spring every year because it belongs to precious textile raw materials. It is also called "fiber diamond", "fiber gem", "fiber queen" and "soft gold" abroad.
Cashmere is different from cashmere. Cashmere comes from the fine wool of goats, and cashmere comes from the slender wool of sheep. The price of the former is generally five times that of the latter.
Characteristic of cashmere: Fine and thin handle, soft and smooth combing, and full of elasticity, warmth retention and moisture absorption performance is better than wool. Cashmere has the advantages of stable chemical property, no fading and shrinkage, natural and soft luster, pure and gorgeous. In the high-end luxury mattress of Seattle mattress, cashmere fabrics are only used, while wool fabrics are mainly used in the middle and high-end products.

5. Wool Fabric

The wool comes from the fine wool of sheep. The raw materials mainly come from South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Soviet Union and so on. It has the advantages of good elasticity, strong hygroscopicity and good warmth retention. The characteristics of wool are similar to those of cashmere, but the products with softer cashmere and thinner appearance are more refined than wool, and the chemical stability of cashmere is better. Wool is easily confused with cashmere, but wool and cashmere are different materials, and the price of cashmere is more expensive. Seattle mattresses are mostly made of wool fabrics.

6. Modal Fabric

Modal is a kind of cellulose synthetic fiber. It is made of wood slurry from shrubs in Europe and through special spinning process. Modal products are mostly used in underwear production because of their excellent softness and moisture absorption, but their poor stiffness.
Modal fabrics have the strength and toughness of synthetic fibers, which are stronger than cotton fibers, wrinkle resistance and ironing resistance.
The characteristics of Modal fabric: smooth and soft feel, flowing drape, can better foil women's body lines, plus charming luster and high moisture absorption. Widely used in women's underwear, pajamas, sportswear, lace and other skin-friendly clothing fabrics. In conventional home mattress products, Seattle mattress is made of Modal fabric.


7. Bamboolife Fabric

Bamboo fiber fabric is a new type of fabric made of natural bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber itself can produce negative ions and prevent insects and bacteria. It is free from pesticide pollution without pests and diseases. Bamboo fibers do not add any chemical products in the production process, and belong to the green fibre fabrics in high-grade fabrics. It has instantaneous water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing performance.
The characteristics of bamboo fiber fabrics are as follows:
(1) Soft, warm and smooth handle, bright color, toughness and wear resistance, good resilience. The drape is very good, and has very good horizontal and vertical strength.
(2) Bamboo fiber is known as "breathing fiber" and "fiber queen". Its water absorption, moisture resistance and air permeability are among the best among various fiber fabrics.
(3) The fluffy and comfortable structure of bamboo fiber fabrics can expel excess heat and moisture from human body under very hot conditions.
(4) Bamboo fiber fabrics can produce negative ions. Compared with cotton and wood fibers, bamboo fiber fabrics have strong bactericidal function and can inhibit more than 75% of bacteria in 24 hours. Natural anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-insect.
(5) Bamboo can be used as a prescription medicament in medicine and has many medicinal effects. The anti-ultraviolet ability of bamboo fabric is 41.7 times that of cotton.
Bamboo fiber is the preferred fabric for green fabrics. It is widely used in clothing such as towels, bath towels, sleeping products and children's products. 80% of Seattle Mattress Children Series are made of bamboo fiber.

8. Tencel Fabric

The raw material of Tencel is derived from the fiber of trees, which has natural high water absorption. Tencel moisture absorption performance is better than pure cotton, pure cotton moisture regain rate is 8%, and Tencel moisture regain rate is about 12%, which is about half higher than pure cotton, and Tencel air permeability is also better than pure cotton, pure cotton air permeability is between 200 and 500, and Tencel can reach 1500, which is three times higher than pure cotton. Its characteristics are similar to those of bamboo fibers. It has the comfort of cotton fabrics, the strength of polyester fibers, the high-grade aesthetic feeling of wool fabrics, and the soft and dangling feeling of silk. However, compared with bamboo fiber, its comfort is slightly poor, and may wrinkle, toughness and strength are also not ideal. But in terms of hygroscopicity and thermal conductivity, it has a very good cold feeling and is one of the most preferred fabrics in tropical or summer.
Seattle mattress import series or domestic high-end series are made of Tencel fabric.


9. Functional fabric

Functional fabrics combine high-end fabrics with conventional fabrics to upgrade the technology. The fabrication process is complex and the cost is relatively high. But in terms of comfort and other functions, conventional and advanced fabrics are hard to match.
Its types are mainly embodied in the following aspects:
1. Unique functions: Freeze frost experience, intelligent clean self, Detox detoxification, mineral magnetotherapy Tesla, super protection Proguard, static energy Meditation
2. Temperature control series:
CoolMAX, ThermoSense, Cool Touch, Climattress, Reflect, ThermoSense
3. Health Protection Series
Anti-mite Aegis, anti-mosquito anti-bug, bio-protection BioProtect, elimination of odor Neutralizer, anti-bacterial Sanitized
Seattle mattress upgraded most of the products with new imported functional fabrics. The main raw material supply comes from Comfytex fabric brand in Turkey.



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