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Seryato mattress, a high-end American mattress brand. He is the founder of the sleeping system in the presidential suite. With 12 years of export trade experience, 2 internationally certified patents, 3 major B2B e-commerce platforms, up to now brand stores and more than 100 cities and regions covering the world, with 198 brand stores.

About us

In 2019, the United States joined Seryato Mattress and Mercedes-Benz to achieve a new ecological strategy. Aiming at the terminal investment of the exclusive store, Deng Dong, founder of Seryato mattress, said that in the next three years, we will strengthen the support for terminal distributors and cooperate with Mercedes-Benz. This is a bold attempt of the three-year distributor support plan and the beginning of the night light revolution. We will launch the first time at the 41th International Famous Furniture Exhibition in Dongguan from March 16 to 20: "Join Seryato , Benz." Drive Home"distributor support incentive scheme. In the future, in line with the brand concept, we will achieve in-depth cooperation with more international brands.


About Seryato
SERYATO, American noble mattress brand, noble, elegant, outstanding. Founded in 2003, the company focuses on high-end mattress research and development, sales, is the founder of the presidential suite sleep system. Seryato Seryato brand officially entered the Chinese market from 2011. As of December 2017, sales outlets have covered 100 developed cities in China, with 198 brand stores.

Adhere to ingenuity, perseverance, and strive to become the world's top ten mattress brands, for global consumers to listen to create a high-quality life and struggle. Seryato's 10-year hard work covers the Americas, Central and South Asia, Australia and other regions. It also provides high-quality customized products with five-star hotel chains such as Huameida Hotel Group and Shangri-La Hotel.

SERYATO brand is looking forward to your joining, we have been looking forward to a long time, this time, SERYATO join hands with Mercedes-Benz to come for you!

Butler service
1. Professional designers, free shop design, 30 days of decoration;
2. Pre-job training (professional training + direct store practice) has an elite team when opening a shop.
3. Conduct monthly guidance and practical training in direct stores;
4. Guidance for the whole course of business opening activities, recovery of investment costs after 5 months of business opening, 1-to-1 terminal assistance from excellent cities. Helping make profits is our basic task!

Area business


41TH International Famous Furniture Exhibition (Dongguan)
Time: March 16-20
Exhibition number: 4A40 [Imported Sleeping Hall]

Application for Alliance


Seryato · The world's five-star hotel mattress preferred brand!

The Seryato mattress provides the hotel with high quality product customization. The ultimate product, experience upgrade - exclusive and comfortable. Encourage hotel product IP customization and upgrade experience, maintain ecological GOP growth, empower hotel value concept and positioning, optimize its value-added space.

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Guangdong Seryato Furniture Manufactuting Industry CO., Ltd


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Contact us


Guangdong Seryato Furniture Manufactuting Industry CO., Ltd

Address: Asia International Xiyatu Brand Operation Center, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Phone: 0757-86518050

Fox: 0757-86517114




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Fox: 323-2278-581


HOTLINE: 400-688-0910


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